Screen Guard ANTI GLARE for Macbook Pro 13″


Screen Guard ANTI GLARE for Macbook Pro 13″

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Screen Guard ANTI GLARE for Macbook Pro 13″

1. The 3rd generation of PET optical screen protector.
2. Use the silica gel compound as adherent layer, No glue, Bubble free, No damage to laptop screen.
3. Adsorb the laptop screen automatically. Easily to be affixed, without any traces after being removed.
4. 99% Transparent: unmatched clarity.
5. Ultra Smooth Surface: Enhance the experience and utilization of touch screen and stylus features

Screen Protector Installation instruction:
Step 1: Peel back the edge of the Crystal Clear Screen Protector
Step 2: Line up the exposed film edge
Step 3: Slowly peel back the backing as you allow the film to drop onto the rest of the screen
Step 4: Once the film is applied, rub out the air bubbles with a lint-free cloth

Package Content:
1 x Screen Protector
1 x Lint-Free Cleaning Cloth

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Weight 100 g


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